South Arm is an international consultancy supporting exploration activities, 3D modeling, sampling, advanced exploration techniques, data management and applied geometallurgy with novel workflows, and data quality. In-house and online training for companies and professionals using the clients’ data or public datasets.


To be a benchmark for the use of new technologies applied to exploration and mining and adapted to the unique needs of each project, with solid geological technical training for our clients as a key outcome.


To provide support to all stages of mining or exploration projects based on new data processing techniques with the use of advanced tools for analysis and interpretation, managing all information acquired in the field.


Milton J. Coaquira Cardenas​

General Manager Peru

Mr. Marco A. Cayetano Tolentino

Project Geoscientist

Mr. Federico Taipe Yupanqui

Graduate Geologist

Mrs. Mirella Terrones

Lead Project Manager

Mr. Takeshy Coaquira

Senior Geologist consultant

Mr. Renato Abanto Novoa

Exploration Geologist

Ms. Telma Aisengart

Principal Consultant Geophysicist

Mr. Alexis Valentin Paredes

Exploration Geologist