Applied Geometallurgy

Our specialist team is skilled in the use of techniques and methodologies to generate geometallurgical models in order to predict and reduce risks in each stage of mining project development.

Our geometallurgical studies combine mineralogical, structural, geotechnical, metallurgical, environmental and economic data to optimize the development and production processes of mining projects and operations.


  • Mineral value species knowledge enhances the quality of concentration and recovery
  • Understanding of the penalizable mineral species that interfere with extraction and recovery of economic minerals
  • Grinding optimization
  • Mining planning from initial stags to closure.
  • Optimal mineral and gangue selection.
  • Economic mineral extraction and recovery reducing costs


  • Chemical analysis management and planification according to each project.
  • Flowsheet elaboration integrating statistics, geostatistics, geometallurgical logging, block models and geometallurgical tests
  • Geometallurgical logging.
  • Geometallurgical modelling (Integrating geometallurgical logging, lithology, alteration, structural controls, geotechnical studies, chemical analysis, mineralogical characterization and metallurgy.
  • Geostatistical estimation¬† of the metallurgical parameters in block models.
  • Sample Flow evaluation in metallurgy plants
  • Metallurgical parameters regionalization
  • Block modelling with geometallurgical units.
  • Metallurgical testwok program design, interpretation and management
  • Geometallurgical sampling
    • Geometallurgical program design and management
    • Ore sample selection
    • Development of direct or proxy methods for metallurgical forecasting
    • Development of grinding and separation testwork protocols